Baris Benice is a turkish musician and composer. He was born in 5 December 1991 in Istanbul. He started his musical carrier with playing keyboard in his childhood. After a short time he started taking lessons for classical guitar.

        After two years, he bought his first electric guitar and improved his skill by himself.
He had different band projects but they couldn’t continue because of some reasons.

        At the summer of 2007, he stepped up his efforts. Beside the musical stuff, he started working about photography and cinematography. He was in charge of camera shootings for some artists and bands.

        He won the first place of the best instrument branch at 13th Highschools Music Contest, also earned a scholarship from "Modern Muzik Akademisi". And at the same year he entered Marmara University - Physics Education and graduated on May 2016. Now, he studies for master’s degree in Physics Education at Marmara University.

        At the summer of 2011, he took “Master Guitar Instructor” certificate from Modern Music Academy.

        At June 27th, 2011 he joined turkish thrash metal band “MEKANIK” and did some records and concerts with them. At November 23th, 2011 he quit.


         At September, 2013 he joined heavy metal band "FALLEN"

         At January, 2014 he also joined well-known Turkish pop-rock singer "HARUN KOLÇAK - Rock Off Project" Band and did many concerts around the country with him.


        At March, 2018 he has become a Schecter Guitars Artist. 

        At February, 2018 he joined "OGÜN SANLISOY" band and he left the band at December, 2019. 


        At May, 202* he has become a Neural DSP Artist. 

        Nowadays, he is working on his solo guitar album.

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